Everything You Need to Know About Craze Lines

Vertical lines on our teeth, known as craze lines, lead a lot of people to search the Internet on how to fix this problem.

Photo: Applying a veneer to treat craze lines in teeth.

Veneers are one treatment option may help treat craze lines on your teeth.

Over the years, our teeth will develop tiny cracks in our enamel. These cracks can easily stain, which causes these discolored craze lines. So, let’s jump right into everything you need to know about craze lines and if they are curable.

The Causes of Craze Lines and Your Oral Health

The craze lines are caused by stress being placed on our teeth. This happens because of all the chewing we do, or it could occur from another process that places a lot of stress on your teeth. Grinding your teeth, biting your nails, using your teeth to open things like bottles, or other trauma to your teeth are all known to contribute to craze lines. Now, it’s important to note that you aren’t going to feel pain when craze lines forms. So if you were worried about your oral health because you’re starting to notice craze lines, it’s not an indication that anything dangerous could compromise your oral health.

Cracked Teeth and Craze Lines

As we mentioned, craze lines are tiny cracks in your enamel. But, that doesn’t mean you should worry about your tooth cracking in half. The cracks are cosmetically displeasing, but that doesn’t mean your teeth have any actual physical issues purely from having craze lines. Enamel is actually highly resistant to cracking, and a recent study found that enamel is roughly three times as tough as the naturally-occurring crystals that our teeth are formed from.

Removing Craze Lines

If you’re looking for the least invasive way to try and remove craze lines, you should consider teeth whitening options. Teeth whitening can often bleach away the stains in the cracks of your teeth, which makes the craze lines hard to detect. You also could have an aesthetic tooth-colored material placed over the crack. It’s a more expensive option, but you can also look at having a veneer placed over your tooth.

Treating Craze Lines

Craze lines may not be aesthetically pleasing, but most dentists will agree that there’s no need to specifically treat craze lines. Since we know that craze lines rarely lead to further breakdown of teeth, you don’t have to worry about treating the tooth other than cosmetically if you so choose. It is important to remember that small lines could serve as a spot for future cavities to find a home, but cavities can be prevented with regular appointments with your dentist. Routine checkups will help detect potential problems before they turn into bigger issues.

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