Are Sugar-Free Drinks Better for your Teeth?


Water is one of the best drinks for your teeth – but what about sugar-free drinks?

Almost everybody knows how bad sugary drinks can be for your teeth. They can cause tooth decay and the acids in these drinks erode the teeth and enamel. However, sugar-free drinks are just as bad for you as the sugary ones. Take these precautions to ensure that you reduce the effects of these drinks on your teeth.

Dental Erosion can Cause Problems

Although sugar-free drinks contain no sugar, they cause about the same level of dental erosion as regular sugary drinks. This is because sugar-free drinks contain phosphoric acid, citric acid, and tartaric acid just like drinks with sugar in them. And, according to studies, the acid in lemon and lime juice is just as corrosive as battery acid.

Low Acid Drinks Protect Your Teeth

Instead of looking for drinks with low or no sugar, stick to beverages that are low in acid. Examples of beverages that won’t wear down your teeth as quickly include tap water, black tea, and coffee. Root beer has also been shown to be less corrosive on your teeth than other sodas. Finally, milk is a drink friendly to your teeth – studies suggest that drinking milk is safe because it helps your saliva return to a neutral pH level.

Other Precautions to Take

Brushing your teeth twice a day is the best way to protect your teeth from harmful acids, but take care to wait 30 minutes to an hour after drinking or eating before brushing. It takes about this long for the saliva pH level to return to normal, so brushing during this period may actually spread the acids. The best time to drink sugar-free drinks is with meals, and the worst time is sipping continuously between mealtimes. You can also drink through a straw to minimize contact with your teeth. By taking these precautions with sugar-free drinks, you can reduce your risk for dental erosion and ensure your teeth stay healthy for years to come!

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