Cavities 101 from Your Upper Marlboro Dentist

If you think you may have cavities, your Upper Marlboro dentist wants to provide you with a quick guide for Cavities 101. Whether you just had a newborn or need a little refresher for your own oral healthy, it’s important to know the ins and outs of cavities. Let’s take a look at how they begin and the best treatments.


Learn the ins and outs of cavities.

Cavities 101 from Your Upper Marlboro Dentist

How do Cavities Form?

You may seem to feel instant pain if you have cavities, but cavities are built up through poor oral hygiene and neglect. Bacteria feed on sugar in your mouth and produce acid that will eat away at your teeth. These acids destroy calcium and create plaque. When the calcium is worn down enough, the surface of the tooth can collapse. This is how a cavity is formed.

Can Parents Give Their Children Cavities?

Cavities can form from poor hygiene, sugary food and water that isn’t fluoridated. But, cavities can still be passed down through family. Women normally infect their children by passing saliva into a child’s mouth by eating from the same spoon. If a parent ha had cavities themselves, it also increases the likelihood of the germs being passes along. When a baby has early exposure to bacteria in their mouth, their permanent teeth will end up more prone to cavities.

Typical Cavity Treatment

As long as the decay of the tooth is not too extensive, then the treatment is fairly simply. The decayed portion of the tooth will be removed by a rill and replaced with a filling. This filling is either made of silver alloy, gold, porcelain or a composite resin. If the damage is extensive, a patient may need a root canal.

Avoiding Cavities

With proper oral hygiene practices and regular cleanings from your Upper Marlboro dentist you and your family have a much better chance at avoiding cavities. If you have a young child, it’s important to teach them proper early hygiene early. The younger they learn about it, the more likely they are to establish healthy routines of their own as they age. If you need a checkup from a friendly dental practice in Upper Marlboro, Park Dental would love to have you as a client!

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