How to Choose the Right Toothbrush for You


Are you using the right toothbrush for your unique dental needs? Read on for some tips on choosing a toothbrush.

It’s the most important  and oft-repeated piece of advice for keeping your teeth healthy – brush your teeth twice a day. It’s an essential part of your daily oral care. Perhaps you have thought about the different kinds of toothpaste out there with the different varieties and flavors available. But have you given some thought to the actual tool, the toothbrush? Choosing the right toothbrush involves examining your unique dental needs and picking one that addresses them properly.

The Brush Head

The different types of brush heads available on toothbrushes are probably the most familiar to the average consumer. There are brushes labeled “firm” and “medium”, which are popular, but choosing a toothbrush labeled “soft” or “extra-soft” is usually the best choice. These toothbrushes have gentle bristles which are able to remove plaque well without damaging tooth enamel and causing tooth sensitivity.


Choosing a toothbrush with varied lengths of bristles is also a good idea as the longer bristles will be able to access the deeper grooves of your teeth. There are also toothbrushes with bristles designed to reach the backs of the teeth  and brushes with gentle polishing cups. These are able to retain toothpaste in the brush for a longer period which assists in strengthening enamel and removing stains. These features are usually advertised on the packaging of the toothbrush.

Other Cleaning Implements

Your toothbrush can do more than just keep your teeth clean! You can purchase one with a built-in tongue and cheek cleaner. This not only promotes the reduction of bacteria in the mouth but also helps reduce the occurrence of bad breath! It makes the whole mouth feel cleaner and ultimately helps promote good oral health.

If you’re having trouble choosing a toothbrush, ask your dentist for help! They can help you choose a toothbrush with the right features for your unique dental needs and make sure you’re not clueless the next time you’re standing in the toothbrush aisle!

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