How to Keep Your Tongue Fresh and Clean

Keeping Your Tongue Clean

To fight bad breath, make sure you’re keeping your tongue clean!

Halitosis, known in the everyday world as bad breath, is a condition that affects everyone at some point. Combating bad breath can be a constant struggle, especially if you brush and floss your teeth every day. Even using mouthwash may not solve the problem completely. However, most people fail to realize the importance of keeping the tongue clean in fighting bad breath. You can brush after every meal and reach for the mouthwash, but the truth is that you need to pay special attention to your tongue in addition to your teeth if you want to get rid of bad breath! Here are some ways you can make sure your tongue is cleaned every time you brush your teeth.

Brushing Techniques

When you finished brushing your teeth, make sure you turn your focus immediately to your tongue. The tongue is a host to bacteria and food particles which are trapped underneath a thin layer of mucus. This is the primary cause of bad breath. You can use the bristles of your toothbrush to clean the tongue or you could opt for a toothbrush with a specially designed tongue cleaner on the back of the head. Regardless of which path you take, use a small dab of toothpaste to brush off the top of the tongue. Start from the back and work your way to the front using soft pressure, then finish by rinsing it with water.

Tongue Scrapers

A tongue scraper can also be used for a more thorough cleaning than what a toothbrush can offer. They are made of soft, flexible plastic, working by peeling away the mucus layer of debris from your tongue. If you use one of these, make sure to rinse the scraper under warm water after each pass and take care not to use too much force. Work slowly and with light pressure and take special care of the center of your tongue. This is where the bulk of the bacteria which causes bad breath resides.

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