Root Canals 101 from your Upper Marlboro Dentist

If you’ve never had a root canal before, it can seem like a very intimidating procedure.

Your friendly Upper Marlboro dentist wants to provide you with enough information about the procedure to help elevate some of your concerns. It’s a necessary procedure, and root canals are not as scary as most people believe.


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Root Canals 101 from your Upper Marlboro Dentist

Why You Might Need a Root Canal

Before we get too far into the procedure, it’s important to understand some of the signs of a root canal. Generally, patients will experience four signs: minimal to extreme pain, discoloration of a tooth, irritation and swelling in gum tissue and infections being visible on a radiograph. The point of a root canal is to save an infected tooth, so it is a very necessary procedure.

Root Canal Procedures

Now that we know the basics behind what causes a root canal, let’s take a look at what would be included in a root canal procedure by an Upper Marlboro dentist. The procedure is designed to remove pulp tissue that is diseased from the interior of the tooth. The channels that are beneath the pulp chamber will be hallowed out and cleaned, and the roots are then filled with nickel titanium files. All of the debris will be removed, and the tooth will be disinfected. When the canals are clean and shaped correctly, a material will then fill the area to prevent infection and pain from reoccurring in your mouth.

Upper Marlboro Dentists and Root Canals

Most dentists can normally handle a simple root canal, but it’s always important to check with your local dentists to learn about their experience and how they handle procedures. If you have a more complex case, you may need to work with an endodontist. If you think you need a root canal, work with friendly dentists in Upper Marlboro to help restore your oral health.

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