Save Your Enamel with These Tips!


Save your enamel with these tips!

Save your enamel with these tips!

Enamel is a very important topic when it comes to maintaining dental health. It is the most important shield between harmful foods are drinks and your delicate dental nerves. Taking good care of your enamel is very important. That’s why we’re going to take some time to give you the tips you need to keep your teeth looking and feeling their best. Are you ready to learn more? Let’s take a look.

Avoid enamel-damaging food and drinks.

Certain foods and beverages are highly acidic and therefore, a major danger to your enamel’s health. Candy, alcohol, fruit juices, and soft drinks are all major causes of enamel erosion. Try to limit your teeth’s exposure to these things. Generally speaking, you should be careful with sugar.

Bruxism can be very bad for your enamel.

Bruxism, or grinding your teeth, can be very bad for your enamel. Over time, those small amounts of wear and tear will cause major damage. Wear a mouth guard when you sleep if you think that you are grinding your teeth at night. Better safe than sorry!

How do you know if your enamel is damaged?

There are signs of damages to your enamel. Discoloring of the teeth, divots in the front of the teeth, and sensitivity are all signs that a problem is in the works. To avoid these problems, you can use a straw to drink soft drinks and chew sugar-free gum to increase saliva production. You should also take some time to invest in special toothpaste that can help protect your teeth. Good dental hygiene in general is going to help a lot in the long run. Take care of your teeth and they will remain strong for years to come! If you need help with your enamel, then contact us! We can help give you advice on the best way to heal and preserve your enamel.

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