The Best Foods to Strengthen Your Teeth

We all know that there are healthy and unhealthy foods, but did you know that what you eat can actually have a large effect on your teeth? If you want to strengthen your teeth and tooth enamel, always keep these delicious and nutritious favorites on hand. In fact, you may even have all or a good number of these in your kitchen already.

Best Foods to Strengthen Your Teeth

These are some of the best foods to strengthen your teeth.

Dairy Products

Dairy Products such as milk, yogurt, kefir, and cheese have the calcium and phosphorous which not only strengthens your teeth and tooth enamel, but helps with re-mineralization. Dairy products promote saliva secretion, which has a number of health benefits. Saliva protects against bacteria and balances the mouth’s pH level. For those who are lactose intolerant or on plant based diets, soy milk can be a good alternative.  


This high fiber vegetable helps protect teeth by cleaning their surface. Celery’s fibrous nature demands a longer chewing time, which promotes saliva secretion and also massages the gums and contributes to their health.  


These delicious and sweet fruits are full of antioxidants and vitamin C, which are important in maintaining your overall oral health. Strawberries not only help strengthen your teeth and tooth enamel, but their malic acid content make them natural exfoliators which whiten your teeth and remove tartar build up.

Vitamin D Rich Foods

Studies have shown that vitamin D plays a key role in regulating the proteins which generate tooth enamel. Vitamin D can be found in fish oil, coldwater fish, enriched egg yolks, and canned sardines. All of these will strengthen your teeth and tooth enamel, possibly even re-mineralizing them.

Sesame Seeds

Sesame seeds are similar to celery in that they are abrasive and can have a tooth-brushing effect and can remove bacteria-causing debris when eaten. They are also high in calcium, which is important to tooth and bone health.  


Parsley has been being utilized as a natural breath freshener for centuries. It is not only breath-freshening but anti-bacterial. Chewing on it in place of gum and breath mints is not only better for you, but will protect your teeth and gums from the processed sugars found in many breath fresheners.

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