Tooth Trauma: What Should I Do if My Tooth Falls Out?

What do you do when your tooth falls out?

With over five million teeth knocked out every year, tooth trauma is actually a more common occurrence than you may have expected. You can still save the tooth, but you need to take immediate action to make sure that it can be preserved.


Learn what to do if your tooth falls out, below.

Early Steps with Tooth Trauma

When you first locate your tooth, do not pick it up by the root. If you touch the root, you significantly reduce the chances that your tooth will be able to be reattached to the bone. Make sure to pick it up by the crown. If the tooth was dirty after it was knocked out, carefully run water over it to rinse it. Do not use chemicals or soaps to try and clean it.

Saving a Tooth After Tooth Trauma

If you’re able to, try to reinsert your tooth into the socket as soon as possible. You can hold it in place with your fingers or gently bite down to try and put it in place. If you can’t get the tooth to stay in the socket, you should keep it moist until you are able to get to the dentist. You can use milk or water with a small amount of salt mixed in to preserve it. The quicker you see the dentist, the better the chances are that you can save the tooth.

Preventing Tooth Trauma

Before you find yourself in this type of situation, there are several ways to prevent tooth trauma. If you or a family member plays physical sports, a mouth guard can help reduce the risk of losing a tooth. If you have teeth that are decaying, hard foods can crack and even make your entire tooth fall out. Car accidents are a huge source for tooth trauma, so make sure that you are always wearing your seat belt. You can apply a cold compress to help ease the pain, but you really need to see a dentist as soon as your tooth falls out.

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