Treating Tooth Trauma: Chips, Cracks and More

Tooth trauma is something no expects to have to deal with until it happens. But in the event that you do suffer a chipped tooth or other kind of trauma, you’re going to want to know what to do. Fortunately, many of the things we’re going to discuss today are very treatable and fixable. So don’t worry if you’ve just chipped a tooth, because the odds are that your local Upper Marlboro dentist can fix it!

Keep on reading to learn what to do in the event something happens to a tooth, and what treatment options are available.


Don’t bite down!

Treating Tooth Trauma: Chips, Cracks and More


What to do if you chip a tooth depends on the severity of the chip.

If you’ve just chipped off a small outer part of the tooth, you probably don’t need to see the dentist immediately. But you should make an appointment soon, because the sharp edge could hurt your mouth. The dentist will smooth out the chip and use a composite to replace the missing portion.

If you’ve had a bigger chip and damaged the pulp, see your dentist as soon as possible. You’ll know if you’ve damaged the pulp, because it will hurt. Treatment depends on how seriously the pulp is damaged. If it’s not too severe, the chip can usually be fixed with a cap or veneer. If it is, a root canal will be required, followed by a protective restoration and a cap. If the chip has done enough damage so that the tooth can’t support a cap, the tooth will be removed, and an implant or bridge can be put in.


Cracks can develop over time as a result of teeth grinding and clenching, or may occur suddenly as a result of chewing on a hard object.

If the crack is just a surface crack and does not affect the pulp, the dentist will put a crown over the damaged tooth. If the crack has reached the pulp, a root canal will be required. This is because the crack allows bacteria to get into the root, which could lead to an infection if a root canal is not performed.


Ok, so the tooth is still in, but it’s been pushed out of it’s normal place. Seek dental treatment as soon as possible so the dentist can put the tooth back in place. This will require a root canal, repositioning, and stabilization.

Stay with us for next week’s tooth trauma blog on what to do if your tooth gets knocked out.

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