Understanding and Making the Most of Your Dental Insurance

Healthcare consumers generally find dental insurance frustrating and difficult to understand. While this is not uncommon for dealing with most types of insurance, with dental insurance the misunderstanding is the largest, as dental insurance is different from all other types of insurance. In order to better understand your dental insurance and get the most from it, it is important to have a basic working knowledge of what it is and how it works. Park Dental can help. Read on to learn more about understanding your dental insurance.

dental insurance

Do you understand how dental insurance works?


Why Is Dental Insurance Different From All Other Types Of Health Insurance?  

Dental insurance does not function like any other type of health insurance. Very few people are aware of this. Insurance is often purchased as a form of protection, which we use to protect ourselves in the face of large costly emergencies we did not predict or expect. For example, certain home injuries, car accidents, and health related emergencies are generally covered by homeowner’s, automobile, and medical insurance policies. These things act as potential cushions to cover either a portion or all of your accident related expenses, depending upon the circumstances. Dental insurance does not function in this way.

How Does Dental Insurance Work?

What is commonly referred to as dental insurance is not actually insurance, but functions more like a discount coupon. It is simply a way for employers to help employees offset a portion of the costs of dental care. It does not pool risk or provide long term protection in the case of emergencies, because, though it may not seem like it, dental expenses are far more predictable than other types of health related expenses over time. While you can’t predict a broken leg or a car accident, you can allay most dental disasters with twice yearly visits, basic hygiene, and a healthy diet. Dental insurance generally pays for expenses which are easy to anticipate.   

What Is Covered By My Insurance?

This depends on a negotiation between your employer and the insurance company, and can vary widely. If your dentist charges more than the amount covered by your insurance, you will be footing a larger bill. It can be difficult to find a workable intersection between all of these factors. If you are, however, an individual considering purchasing your own dental insurance plan, you will find that it may not actually save you money in the long run.

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