Using Your Dental Insurance Benefits from Your Upper Marlboro Dentist

Going to the dentist is stressful enough without having to worry about insurance, But visiting your dentist for what you thought was a routine procedure and then getting slapped with a bill because it turns out you’ve gone over your allowed benefits for the year is even worse. Learn how to make the most of your dental insurance benefits in this week’s blog.


Don’t let your dental benefits go to waste! Your Upper Marlboro dentist explains.

Using Your Dental Insurance Benefits from Your Upper Marlboro Dentist

Take advantage of covered services

Most dental plans will cover two cleanings per year at no cost or with a minimal co-pay. Regular dental visits can go a long way in preventing large problems from forming and catching issues early that could become costly if left untreated. Make sure to take advantage of the regular cleanings that your insurance covers.

Find an in-network dentist

No matter your plan, you will save a significant amount of money by working with a dentist who is in your network. While you can receive care from an out-of-network dentist, it will be at a reduced level from what you would receive from a in-network provider. By finding an in-network dentist you will be sure you are getting the highest level of coverage as well as a lower amount you will required to spend out of pocket. And when you are facing a serious procedure, always ask for a cost estimate from your plan so that you know what to prepare for.

Plan your timing

Most insurance plans cap the amounts of benefits you are allowed to receive in a given year, often between $1000-$2000. If this is the case with your plan then strategically planning out when you will embark on procedures could save you a lot of money, provided the procedures are not emergencies. For example, if you need 8 fillings but you only have a few hundred dollars of benefits left for the year then you may want to space them out so that some are completed once your new coverage year kicks in. Be sure not to delay important procedures that are time sensitive but if you have flexibility you can save a lot of money on out-of-pocket expenses my planning your timing.

Prevention is best

Though it doesn’t have anything to do with your insurance, getting into the habit of brushing and flossing twice a day, every day is your best bet to avoiding costly dental procedures. This simple habit, combined with regular cleanings from your dentist will go a long way in preventing long-term issues that will add up over the course of your life.

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