What’s the Deal with Natural Toothpaste?

Natural Toothpaste

Natural toothpaste is made from all-natural ingredients, but can it do the job as well as regular toothpaste?

The varieties of toothpaste out there have grown considerably in the last few years. There are now different flavors to cater to all tastes and specially formulated varieties are able to whiten teeth and even help treat sensitive teeth. One of the more interesting developments in the industry is the promotion of natural toothpaste, which contains different ingredients than the regular kind but still claims to be able to clean your teeth just as well. What’s the difference between regular and natural toothpaste, and does natural toothpaste actually do the job as well as regular?


The biggest difference between natural and regular toothpaste is the ingredients which they contain. Of course, no kinds of toothpaste contain any sugar, but they do contain sweeteners to make them more palatable. Regular toothpaste tends to use saccharin as their sweetening agent, but there has been some debate about whether saccharin is safe for human consumption. Natural toothpaste, on the other hand, contains xylitol or stevia as sweeteners, which are derived from plants. Natural toothpaste is also less likely to contain dyes than the regular kind.

Animal Testing

If you are a vegetarian or concerned about animal welfare, you might have some questions about whether or not the company that makes your toothpaste tests it on animals. Natural toothpaste manufacturers will usually promote the fact that they do not do so and make this abundantly clear on the packaging. However, you can always call any toothpaste manufacturer directly for information on their animal testing policies if the labeling isn’t clear.


Fluoride is hugely important in the fight against cavities. It is a naturally occurring mineral that strengthens your teeth and reverses decay. Some natural toothpaste brands don’t use fluoride, while others do.

What’s the Verdict?

Your unique needs will often decide which kind of toothpaste to use. Natural toothpaste with fluoride is at least as good as regular toothpaste and comes with some other external benefits. It is highly recommended to use a toothpaste with fluoride (or supplement a non-fluoridated toothpaste with mouthwash or another fluoride rinse) in order to help fight cavities and keep your teeth strong.

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