How to Take Care of Your New Dental Fillings

We bet everyone can agree that getting dental fillings is never a fun process. What’s even worse, though, is having to get them done again! Dental fillings serve an important purpose by helping to prevent cavities from getting bigger, but unfortunately,

dental fillings

Following proper aftercare is important for dental fillings.

if you don’t care for them properly then they may become damaged or even come completely dislodged! If this happens, the only option is to have the whole procedure done over. Taking care of new dental fillings isn’t hard, it just takes a little know-how. Learn what you need to know in today’s blog, below.


How to Take Care of Your New Dental Fillings

These dental filling aftercare tips will help ensure that your fillings never need to be replaced:

  • Following the procedure, you can expect the anesthesia to wear off in 1-3 hours. Before it’s worn off completely, take care to avoid chewing because you can easily bit your cheek or tongue. You won’t be able to tell right away, but once the laughing gas has worn off you sure will!
  • For a few days after your fillings have been put in, you may notice increased sensitivity in your teeth to bite pressure or hot and cold foods. This is totally normal and no cause for concern as it will usually wear off on its own without issue. So long as you don’t notice the sensitivity getting any worse then you’re doing just fine.
  • After feeling has come back to your jaw and mouth, you might notice that it feels like your teeth are aligned differently than they were before. This is called bite imbalance and if it happens, be sure to give us a call promptly because it can lead to bigger problems along the line.
  • If you received silver dental fillings then you should take care not to chew food right on the filling for at least 24 hours. Sticking with soft foods for the first day is a smart move to prevent accidentally damaging your new filling and protecting your dental health. By following these tips, your new filling should not give you any problems.

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