Is It Time for Dentures? Your Upper Marlboro Dentist Explains

Dentures offer a wide variety of benefits for adults. Imperfect teeth can quickly lead to low self-esteem and self-confidence issues, but luckily, dentures can quickly make these concerns a thing of the past! Restore your smile’s natural beauty with dentures and you won’t regret it. Learn more about the benefits of dentures in today’s blog.


Is it time to consider dentures?

Is It Time for Dentures? Your Upper Marlboro Dentist Explains

Are dentures really right for me?

Many people believe that dentures are only for older people who have lost all of their teeth but this is not necessarily the case. Dentures can serve a variety of purposes and many younger people could benefit from them as well. Tooth loss can happen for a wide variety of reasons, including gum disease, dental injuries, and fractured teeth. Regardless of the cause, these problems can lead to difficulty chewing and eating and embarrassment over the state of your smile. Stop hiding your teeth and invest in your smile!

Are they comfortable?

Many people have a bad opinion of dentures because older versions could be uncomfortable and bulky to wear. Luckily, technology has come a long way and clunky dentures are a thing of the past! Models available now utilize new materials and fitting processes to ensure a close fit that you won’t even notice once you’ve gotten used to them.

Can they make me look younger?

An imperfect smile can quickly make you look older than you really are. This is because when tooth loss occurs, your cheeks begin to sink inward which gives you a sunken, sallow appearance. Dentures can quickly fix that! Your new dentures will give you a naturally younger look, instantly.

Will I be able to eat and talk normally with dentures?

While they may take a little bit of getting used to, most patients quickly acclimate to their dentures and are able to do everything that they were able to do with their normal teeth. You will be amazed by how natural your smile looks and you’ll likely wonder why you didn’t invest in dentures sooner!

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