4 Surprising Reasons Why Your Child May Have Bad Breath

bad breath

Your child might be suffering from bad breath for a number of curious reasons.

You might be doing everything right teaching your child good oral health habits. They brush and floss their teeth twice a day just like you taught them. So why does your child still have bad breath? There are some surprising reasons not linked to oral health that might be the cause of halitosis for your child. Today we’re going to examine 4 of these issues.

1. Physical Sickness

Is your child complaining about a sore throat or stuffy nose? Sinus issues can cause mucus to collect in the nasal passages and create a gathering place for bacteria which can cause bad breath. If you suspect your child has a sinus infection, you should call your doctor to have this treated, potentially with prescribed antibiotics.

2. Foreign Objects

Children are curious, after all. It may not be the first reason to come to mind, but small children especially are prone to inserting small items into their small nasal passages. When objects are placed in the nasal passages it can create bad breath. So if you suspect your child has something stuck in their nose, you should contact your doctor. They can help check the nose and remove any objects that might be stuck in there!

3. Inflamed Tonsils

Infected tonsils are another common cause of bad breath in children. This is because bacteria can collect in the pits of swollen tonsils and pair up with the smell of infection. A pediatrician should be able to diagnose this problem and prescribe an antibiotic to take care of it.

4. Dry Mouth

Dry mouth can cause bad breath in adults, and its the same with kids – particularly because kids are really active and aren’t especially concerned with keeping themselves hydrated. When mouths are dry, they produce less saliva to fight odor-causing bacteria, and less saliva can also cause an increased risk of tooth decay. So make sure your child is drinking enough water when they go out and play!

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