Oral Bleeding and You

oral bleeding

How can you cope with oral bleeding?

When it comes to oral bleeding, you may need expert oral care, but there are things you can do to care for your mouth properly and ensure it doesn’t get worse. Take these steps to protect the wound, stop excessive blood loss, and protect yourself from exposure to another person’s blood.  

Steps To Take Before You Try To Stop The Bleeding


-Wash your hands with soap and water to avoid causing infection.  


-Put on medical gloves, if they are available, in order to be as sanitary as possible. If gloves are not readily available, use many layers of fabric between your fingers and the wound when applying pressure to stop the bleeding.


-Have the injured person perform oral care by applying pressure in this manner.  


-Only use your bare hands for oral care as a last resort.  


Helpful Oral Care Tips When Dealing With Oral Bleeding  


-Have the injured person sit upright and tilt their head forward so the chin is pointed down. If they are bleeding heavily, this will prevent any blood from being swallowed, which can cause vomiting. Instead it will drain out of the mouth.  


-Remove any visible obstructors, such as gum or jewelry, from the mouth. However, do not attempt to clean out the wound while it is bleeding.


-In the case of heavy oral bleeding, apply pressure for a full fifteen minutes. While this may feel excessive, at no point during delivering this oral care should you stop applying pressure. If they bleed through the gauze simply replace it with another one.   


Mild, Moderate, And Severe Bleeding

-If moderate or severe bleeding has not slowed in fifteen minutes, make sure pressure is still applied to the wound, but get help. Do all you can to keep the wound as clean as possible and to avoid any more injury to the area.   


-Mild bleeding usually stops entirely on its own or slows considerably after 15 minutes of pressure. These less serious wounds may continue bleeding lightly for up to 45 minutes, however.


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