What is Dry Mouth?

dry mouth

A chronic case of dry mouth has many different causes. Learn more about symptoms and treatment below.

Everybody experiences dry mouth from time to time, especially when one is stressed, nervous, or upset. However, some people have a problem with saliva production such that it doesn’t go away. If you have a chronic case of dry mouth, it may be an indication of a more serious health problem. What is dry mouth and how is it treated?

Dry Mouth Affects the Production of Saliva

Dry mouth is about much more than just a sticky feeling in your mouth. Some of the other symptoms include having trouble swallowing, a burning sensation on the tongue, cracked lips, a metallic taste in your mouth, bad breath, and difficulty chewing. A chronic case of dry mouth is often caused by treatments for other conditions. Some medications may give you dry mouth as a side effect to its other, more beneficial uses. Radiation therapy can damage your salivary glands and inhibit normal saliva production. Chemotherapy drugs can make saliva thicker and cause a feeling of dryness in the mouth. Some diseases, such as diabetes and Parkinson’s disease, can lead to dry mouth as well. But one of the most common causes of dry mouth is smoking. Many tobacco users experience a chronic case of dryness in their mouths.

Treating Dry Mouth

The only way to treat mouth dryness is to identify and treat its cause. Dry mouth caused by medication can be treated by having your doctor adjust the dosage or changing the prescription. There are a few things you can do to help alleviate the symptoms if the problem cannot be treated. Your dentist might recommend mouth moisturizers or rinsing with a mouthwash formulated specifically to help with dryness. You can also sip water more often, and avoid drinks with caffeine which can cause dryness. Chewing sugar-free gum can help stimulate the production of saliva. Avoid salty and spicy foods – these can cause pain if you have a dry mouth. Finally, if you smoke, quit!

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