Causes of Tooth Discoloration: A Guide from Your Upper Marlboro Dentists

Tooth DiscolorationWe all want that pearly white smile, but most people will experience some tooth discoloration in their lifetime. Factors ranging from the foods we eat to our oral hygiene practices can cause our teeth to lose their luster and become stained and discolored. As we’ve mentioned in previous blog posts (1 & 2), there are many ways to whiten your teeth, but it is better to keep your teeth from becoming discolored in the first place. Park Dental would like to provide you with this quick guide to help you avoid the causes of tooth discoloration so that you can keep your teeth looking their best.

Food and Drinks

We have published a list of the major foods you should avoid to prevent tooth discoloration before, but in reality there is a large variety of food that can possibly stain your teeth. You should avoid the major culprits, like coffee, wine, and dark sauces, but a simple way to figure out what foods will stain your teeth is this: if dropping it on the floor will stain the carpet, putting it in your mouth will stain your teeth. Foods with food coloring, like candy, can also cause stains. Remember this when eating something: if it makes your tongue blue, it will stain your teeth too.


Tobacco not only stains your teeth, but it can cause several health problems not only in your mouth but throughout your entire body. Avoiding tobacco products like cigarettes, cigars, and especially chewing tobacco can keep your teeth while and your mouth healthy.

Oral Hygiene

Putting substances in your mouth can leave stains, but not properly brushing your teeth will allow those substances to stay there. It also allows the buildup of bacteria and plaque that can discolor your teeth and cause tooth decay. Properly brushing your teeth removes stain-causing substances and keeps your teeth healthy. For added measure, you can use whitening toothpaste to help remove existing stains.


This is the one cause of tooth discoloration that cannot be avoided. As we age, dentin, a substance that composes the inner layer of our teeth, naturally turns yellow. While this process cannot be reversed, you do have the option of receiving Lumineers®, which cover your teeth with white porcelain veneers.

Treating Teeth That Are Already Discolored

Your teeth may already have some discoloration. If you would like to restore your beautiful, sparkling white smile, Park Dental offers tooth whitening procedures. Call us today at 301-599-0194 to schedule you appointment today.

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