Should I Visit My Upper Marlboro Dentist to Whiten My Teeth?

A pearly white smile is a feature that many Americans value. Good teeth are a sign of health, wealth, and can make others respond to you better. Given the rising popularity in tooth whitening, there are now a dizzying array of products and procedures to choose from when you decide to whiten your teeth. Should you buy a ready-made kit from the drugstore? Or trust it to a professional and leave it to your dentist? In today’s blog we discuss the different types of whitening products and why it’s always best to visit your Upper Marlboro dentist when it’s time to whiten your teeth.


At-home whitening kits just aren’t as effective as visiting your dentist.

Should I Visit My Upper Marlboro Dentist to Whiten My Teeth?

Whitening toothpaste and mouthwash

These products are readily available and very affordable, making them incredibly popular. However, because these products are only in contact with your teeth for a very short time, it generally requires an extended period of use before you will see results.

Whitening strips

These strips are capable of making your teeth up to 6 shades lighter and generally take at least 2 weeks to achieve these results. While they are a good option if you have the time, they often lead to tooth sensitivity.

Whitening trays

Of all the at-home options, whitening trays will have the quickest effect. However, because the trays are not custom-made to fit your mouth, users are likely to experience gum irritation and tooth sensitivities.

At the dentist

If you want quick, consistant results then visiting your dentist is the best option. Your Upper Marlboro dentist will use a stronger bleaching solution than what’s allowed to be sold in the drugstore, giving you incredible results in as little as 3 visits. And because your dentist carefully applies the bleach solution, he can avoid your gums in order to mitigate irritation and discomfort. For long-lasting, beautiful results, having your teeth whitened at your dentist’s office is the best way to go.

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