The Hows and Whys of Impacted Wisdom Teeth


Wisdom teeth removal can be a scary proposition. After all, it requires serious sedation, a few days of painkillers, and some serious recovery time. Because of the fear of what removal will entail, many people put off having the surgery done until much later than they should, which can lead to problems down the line. Impacted wisdom teeth are incredibly common and most adults will need to have theirs removed at some point or another, so today we’ll give you some insight into how to tell whether you have impacted wisdom teeth Learn more, below.


Impacted wisdom teeth can have serious consequences.

The Hows and Whys of Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Your teeth don’t have enough room

The average jaw is equipped to handle 28 teeth. Once your wisdom teeth come in, they raise the count to 32 which can make it suddenly seem like your teeth don’t have as much room as they used to. When your jaw is already crowded enough and your wisdom teeth try to come in, this leads to impacted wisdom teeth. If you’ve started to notice your jaw feels a little more crowded, or your teeth are beginning to shift, it may be time to schedule a time to have your wisdom teeth removed.

Jaw swelling or pain

Any unusual swelling or pain in your jaw is cause for concern and should be checked out by your Upper Marlboro dentist as soon as possible, but the culprit is often impacted wisdom teeth. When impacted wisdom teeth are ignored, it can lead to infections, swelling, bleeding, and pain. The few days of discomfort after removal surgery is much easier to deal with than the consequences of ignoring your impacted wisdom teeth.

Random and unexplained issues

Some people with impacted wisdom teeth experience symptoms that you wouldn’t expect to be caused by teeth. These are symptoms like bad breath, headaches, and trouble with chewing. If you start to notice any of these pesky problems, be sure to speak with your Upper Marlboro dentist and schedule a full examination to rule out the possibility that your wisdom teeth are to blame for these problems.

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