Fillings, Veneers & Crowns

Esthetic Dentistry

At Park Dental we prefer using tooth-colored filling materials as an alternative to traditional silver fillings. These restorations are strong, can be matched to your natural tooth color, and are a great option for patients that would prefer to avoid traditional metal fillings.


Interested in a brighter, whiter, new smile? We can restore your teeth to uniformity by improving any stains, chips, or misaligned teeth with custom designed porcelain veneers. Veneers require a minimal portion of the natural tooth structure to be removed and new, personalized porcelain shells are bonded to the teeth. This technique is a tested and true method of creating a glamorous, polished smile!

Dental Crowns and Bridges

A dental crown or “cap” is often the treatment of choice in instances when large amounts of tooth decay have compromised the strength and appearance of a tooth. A dental crown can also be used with dental implants to restore the function and appearance of your natural teeth.

A bridge is usually recommended if you are missing one or more teeth and do not want implant treatment. Bridges span the space where your natural teeth are missing, replacing the natural strength and appearance of your teeth. In these cases two or more teeth serve as anchors, abutments, and are attached to a replacement tooth (or teeth), a pontic.

Please speak to your Park Dental team to determine the best treatment to restore your smile to health and beauty!