Park Dental offers a wide variety of cosmetic, emergency, and routine procedures for members of the whole family.

Preventative Services

If you live in Gaithersburg, Lexington Park, or Upper Marlboro, then we’ve got a perfect location for you and your family that is right in your neighborhood. Our offices are open to all the people of Maryland no matter what their comfort level is. We work extra hard to make sure that your experience is as comfortable and as painless as possible. Read More »

Dental Extractions

When you reach a certain age, there is a new set of molars that can appear in your mouth. This third set is known as your “wisdom teeth.” If left unattended, these teeth can become impacted. Once they’re impacted, they become incredibly painful. So, it’s best to remove them before the situation gets out of hand. If your wisdom teeth are impacted or are about to become impacted then set up an appointment at our Upper Marlboro location to get them looked at. Read More »

Mercury-Free Dentistry

Are you worried about mercury in your fillings? Well, when you come to Park Dental in Upper Marlboro, you don’t need to worry at all. We use an alternative to the traditional silver fillings that is mercury-free. Read More »

Teeth Whitening

Living with stained or discolored teeth can seem like living in a nightmare. You may stop smiling or you may even be made fun of by friends or coworkers. Having yellow or even brown teeth can hurt your confidence and make you feel like you’re no longer beautiful. Well, there’s no need to suffer any longer. Read More »


Do you live in the Upper Marlboro area and need braces? Are you dreading the idea of metal brackets and wires adorning your beautiful teeth? Well, worry no longer. Invisalign® provides an excellent and attractive solution for those of you who need braces. Read More »

Digital X-Rays

Are you worried about the radiation that comes from getting X-rays? Don’t worry, we are too. That’s why we at Fatemi Family Dentistry have invested in Digital X-ray technology. Read More »

Fillings, Veneers, & Crowns

Do you live in the Upper Marlboro area? Do you need Lumineers®? Well, welcome to Park Dental, where we can get you fitted for the veneers of your dreams. If you’re looking to restore the uniformity of your mouth, then Lumineers® might be the perfect solution. Read More »


Now, losing teeth doesn’t have to be the end of the world. Dentures are an excellent option to restoring your smile. If you live in the Upper Marlboro area and need to be fitted for dentures, then Park Dental can help! Read More »

Dental Implants

Dental implants are a replacement for your tooth and your tooth’s root. They are implanted into your gum to create a replacement tooth that functions and feels as though it is your original tooth. Sometimes teeth get damaged either by trauma or through poor care. Read More »

Sedation Dentistry

Are you afraid of the dentist? Do you experience a great deal of pain while you’re in the dentist chair? Do you have extremely sensitive teeth? If these are things that are keeping you from going to the dentist for routine cleanings, oral care, or any other procedures then we’ve got something that might help. Read More »

TMJ (Jaw Pain Therapy)

TMJ is often misdiagnosed and, if left untreated, can lead to a lot of pain in your neck and head. If you suffer from a great deal of head and neck pain then you should definitely check out how Dr. Fatemi handles therapy for temporomandibular misalignments. Living pain-free is within your grasp if you suffer from TMJ, so why wait another day? Read More »

Filtered Water Lines

We at Park Dental utilize filtered water lines to each of our locations so that your teeth are the safest they can be. From Upper Marlboro to Lexington Park, our patients can trust in our water. When our water comes in contact with your teeth we know that all of the impurities have been removed. It is safe, clean, and filtered just for you. Read More »