LumineersDo you live in the Upper Marlboro area? Do you need Lumineers®? Well, welcome to Fatemi Family Dentistry, where we can get you fitted for the veneers of your dreams. If you’re looking to restore the uniformity of your mouth, then Lumineers ® might be the perfect solution. These porcelain veneers will hide stains, cover chips, and correct misalignment without being invasive. The no-prep technique is perfect for those of you who don’t want many major cosmetic work done. We simply bond the porcelain right to your enamel and the bond will be both secure and comfortable.

What are Lumineers ®?

Lumineers ® are a type of veneer that will restore your beautiful smile without the use of surgery. That’s right! There is no anesthesia or invasive procedures involved at all. We simply place these over your existing teeth. Suddenly, all the stains, chips, or misaligned teeth become invisible. Your smile can be easily restored so that you can smile confidently again. If you’re afraid of getting too involved with your cosmetic dentistry, then this can be an excellent option.

If you’re coming from the Upper Marlboro area, then make an appointment with us to get you started with Lumineers ®. Get your smile back on track today!