Mercury-Free Dentistry

Mercury-Free DentistryAre you worried about mercury in your fillings? Well, when you come to Fatemi Family Dentistry in Upper Marlboro, you don’t need to worry at all. We use an alternative to the traditional silver fillings that is mercury-free. Your concerns were heard! We have the answer. Our alternative is made of tooth-colored materials that contain no metals at all.

We listen to Upper Marlboro.

We at Fatemi Family Dentistry are always listening to the requests of our patients. We are always learning about new dental practices and safer options for our patients. If you are worried about mercury in your fillings, then come down to our Upper Marlboro location and we can get you set up with our alternative fillings.

Not convinced?

If you’re still interested in traditional filling materials, then we can set you up with those too. We provide our patients with options because we believe that you should have what you need.